Monday, 9 November 2009


There is nothing better than crack open a really good bottle of wine when it's raining outside, it's Friday night and you dont fancy going out. That bottle you have been saving deserves to be gotten out right now. That's how I came to open one of my treasures, Cupio 2005, an intense red from Le Marche region, one of my favourite Italian regions for unusual wines. A great Rosso Conero made exclusively from the Montepulciano grape, this wine is intense yet very elegant, full bodied and velvety with a very long finish. Unfortunately it's not yet available in the UK, which is why drinking it was a bit of a sacrilege, but it was worth every sip. In fact, it was so good and satisfying that I recorcked it with my vacuvin and finished it on Sunday. It was still perfect.
Until the next bottle comes along......

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