Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Sometimes I am tempted to buy foods which are reduced and too good to pass up upon. It was the case with some lovely Gressingham duck breast fillets, which I bought sometimes ago and froze. Out they came of the freezer on a Monday morning, and since I was enjoying one of those rare nights in, I decided to cook them in the evening. I believe simple is best. When the ingredients are good, why mess about with them? Took all the skin off, heated up some very good extra virgin olive oil and quickly seared the breast. Added a splash of brandy, a splash of worcester sauce, a good splash of red wine, and a dash of organic stock. Oh, yes, and some Provencal herbs. Cooked for about 30 minutes, and it was absolutely juicy and tender. Cooked some mixed vegetables in the microwave (oh yes, I do use the microwave when I have to) and then tossed the cooked veggies into the pan where the duck had cooked. They mopped up all the remaining juices and I had a really great meal. Maybe I will suggest it to one of my lovely chefs....

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