Thursday, 5 November 2009


Yes, it's time to celebrate. I have organised a fab wine tasting dinner at the all new Pescatori restuarant in Charlotte Street on Monday 30 November. The restaurant is not new as such, but the chef is, the menu is, and it's really good.
If you have come to my dinners before, you know that they are great value and that are attended by lovely people too.
This one on 30 November will offer four great wines from the Antinori estate, and three courses to include Cacciucco, the Tuscan speciality from the sea town of Livorno, where the dish originates from. It's like a bouillebaisse, full of flavour, using fish and seafood, it's just a fantastic dish. Couple this with the best Peppoli Chianti Classico (the one you dream of) and you have a food and drink pairing beyond comparison.
hope you will come. find out more on

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