Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Just thought I would post this little preview, as I am holding a wine tasting dinner on MOnday 20 September, with the theme 'Antinor's Italy'. The Antinori family, original from Tuscany, are spreading their wings (or better, their wine roots) to the rest of Italy. With an established reputation for quality Tuscan wines, they are now the 'company' behind many other quality Italian wines, whose winemakers may not have had the money to invest. Antinori have come in, have provided the financial backing to allow many good wines to blossom and prevent other precious ones from disappearing, and cleverly have ensured that the name was not changed. So in Piemonte you now find the delicous Dolcetto from Prunotto backed by Antinori, and in Veneto you find Prosecco from the Antinori's 'estate'. I am not unhappy about this, as I would rather see these autochtonos vines doing well and making good wines than seeing them disappear. I will also present a three course dinner of Italian specialities. Please make a note in your diary now.

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