Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New Trend: Taralli and Prosecco at Spaghetti House

The latest trend to hit London restaurants is a new savoury snack: Taralli. Those lucky enough to have been invited to dinner at my place will have savoured these on many occasions, as I love them and always bring some back with me from Italy. Originating from Puglia, they are similar to pretzels but much nicer, and are simply made with the best OO flour and olive oil, no yest, then baked. Typical are taralli with wild fennel seeds, and the newest versions include chilli, but I like just the plain natural flavour.Spaghetti House (11 restaurants in London including the gorgeous one at Westfield) are now serving Taralli and Prosecco for £3.95. This is a great way of having a drink but not on an empty stomach, and it's much better for you. It's going to be a hit.I think you will fall in love with Taralli!

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