Friday, 10 July 2009

A Cheeky wine for the Weekend

Having just been to the Definitive Italian Wine Tasting, I have discovered so many new wines I dont know where to start. It's interesting to see how trends are developing in the wine world. A couple of years ago Pinot Grigio was all the rage. I predict that soon it will be the turn of Falanghina. Originally from Campania, where the volcanic soil contributes to the minerality of this autoctonos grape, Falanghina, both the name of the grape and the wine, is now found in the Abruzzi e Molise regions, as well as in the Lazio region - although the taste difference is quite noticeable. I like Falanghina DOC Rami di Majo Morante, from Molise. The 2007 vintage is particularly successful. Alessio di Majo strives to produce the best quality possible at a price that is extremely affordable to the consumer. TO ensure consistent high quality, he has hired renowned oenologist Riccardo Cottarella as a consultant. Falanghina is typically perfumed with just-cut lime aromas, it is medium bodied and delivers fresh peach and paricot flavours with good citrus spine. Find a bottle for the weekend in a good wine store, Oddbins will have a good one if not the one above, and try Waitrose too. Enjoy!

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