Thursday, 9 December 2010


It's that time of the year again and I remember some of the Christmases spent with my relatives. If we went to a restaurant it would be somewhere in the mountains, restuarants with big windows from which you could see stags leap around whilst you were having your meal. Magic. But also magic was getting together at home around the table (one of the relatives in Ivrea, where I used to love to go, had La Cantinetta - a cellar which had been turned into a basement dining room, fully equipped and with a vey very long table. Here we would have La Tavolata, there would be about 20-25 people all sitting around, and the food would just come out, be put on the table, and everyone helped themselves. And the food kept coming and coming. Also magic.

I have found that same thing here in London, at Spaghetti House of all places, where they have this lovely Tavolata with around 8 courses, all put on the table, and half a litre of wine per person for around £20 - crazy. To be snapped up immediately. And the food is not just pasta - there are a lot of dishes that come out from the kitchen, including a lovely dessert. Give it a go. just google Spaghetti House to find them.

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