Thursday, 16 September 2010


It's that time of the year again, and the great idea of a coffee morning paying a few pennies for your coffee, donating the money to Mcmillan, has grown into an initiative which last year raised 7.8m in the UK alone.
This year the charity is aiming to raise £8m, so we need to drink a little more coffee.

And when the coffee is as good as you find it at Tossed, the healthier eating venue, this is no hardship. With a triple certification of organic, fairtrade and freshly roasted to order, this is a coffee to relish - whether you take it as an americano,a cappuccino or an expresso or even a latte if you really must. What Tossed are doing on the 24th is to offer coffee and a toastie for just £2.95 - an incredible bargain,a great way to eat healthily as the toasties are low fat and high protein, and raising money for McMillan. there are six Tossed venues in London at Westfield, St Martins Lane, Tottneham Court Road, Baker Street, PaddingtonCentral, and the new Mortimer Street. See you there!

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