Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Get Some Instant Sunshine

If like me you are fed up with the lack of sun, I have found the instant remedy to make you feel a whole lot more cheerful. Someone told me about BeauBronz, which was launched at Harvey Nichols and now it's available at some new spas around the country, like the one at the Lambert Arms. They offer the 'holistic tannin cycle' whic his a three step process of an exfoliating spray, natujral tanning solution and a hydrating tan lock. It causes the skin to darken naturally rather than giving it a coat of colour therefore it lasts much longer than conventional spray tans. At The Lambert Arms they do it for just £35 and it takes 30 minutes. And then you can enjoy a complimentary cocktail in the bar next door! How good is that? Here is the telephone number in case you want to get more information, and it's worth doing it! 01844 351496.

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